What is Garden of Eden

Our Paradise
The richness of single-estate teas + the aroma of herbs and spices + blending them and brewing it in a kettle of perfectly hot water + enjoying it with our loved ones + laughter and beautiful memories
Why Garden of Eden ?

The Garden of Eden is a biblical earthly paradise created by God to be inhabited by His first human creation – Adam and Eve.  It is a place where spring bursts forth from the earth; a place dotted with shady groves, trees and bushes, whose fruits are within easy reach and are waiting to be savoured; a place whose channels are replete with water, wine, milk, and honey, where the shade of trees promises relief from the searing heat, and a sea of flowers fill the air with enchanting scents. It is the pinnacle of order and perfection. A place nobody would want to leave.
Inspired by this, we have created our version of paradise. It is the richness of single-estate teas, the aroma of herbs and spices, blending them, brewing it in a kettle of perfectly hot water, enjoying it with the people we love, and creating memories amidst hearty conversation and laughter. This is our Garden of Eden.
The idea of paradise is subjective and personal. Your Garden of Eden would be very different from ours or somebody else’s. We believe you can find yours in the little moments we often neglect. The minute you become aware of the nuances of these moments, you will discover the emotions embedded in them. All we want you to do is to take a pause, enjoy the moment and add in some love. Isn't that enough for the hectic lives we live? A moment of pure joy every day?